I caved in and ate nachos with artichoke dip from Applebee’s. I binged on them hard. I got them out by using the toilet *tmi sorry* but I still feel bloated and icky and so ashamed. I need to stop the unhealthy food cravings asap. I can’t do this to myself any longer. I NEED better control, I NEED to control myself better, HOW and why don’t I have control? Anybody have similar issues/what did you do to prevent bad cravings?

Hello everyone, this will be my very first post. Today I sit at work at around 4:07 p.m. I live in New York. I’ve had a salad made of


-Raw broccolli


-Olive oil & Salt

and some chopped up pineapple chunks. I felt super full after eating all that, I even left out lot of the avocado because I was so full (And because its fatty). Its a beautiful day out today and my friend invited me to go get drinks and food with her later. I’m kind of worried about the food part because I wanted to not eat anything more than what I already consumed. Alcohol never really bothers me even though it should because all it is, is empty calories. But I love to drink :) Anybody have any good suggestions on low calorie/no calorie drinks? Or what to order if I’m out at a restaurant and not wanting to eat crap?